Bimal Dayal appointed as CEO of Adani Infrastructure India Limited

Adani Infrastructure India Limited has announced the appointment of Bimal Dayal as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Dayal, who currently serves as the Chief of Transmission Business at Adani, will now spearhead the implementation of the company’s pipeline of infrastructure projects in the thermal, transportation, and water sectors.

The transition in leadership is part of Adani’s strategic efforts to drive infrastructure growth, as highlighted in a press release by the company. Dayal’s extensive experience and leadership in the energy and infrastructure sectors are expected to contribute significantly to the company’s expansion and development initiatives.

Adani’s decision to appoint Dayal as the CEO of its infrastructure arm reflects the company’s commitment to leveraging top talent to lead its various business verticals. Dayal’s proven track record and expertise make him a valuable addition to the leadership team, and his appointment is poised to play a pivotal role in steering the company’s infrastructure ambitions forward.

The news of Bimal Dayal’s appointment has been widely covered in various business publications, signaling the significance of this development within the industry.

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